The idea

Imagine "Dungeon Siege 1" having a baby with "The Settlers" and an affair with "Diablo" while being cute, yet atmospheric.


The Prototype

Trailblaze takes established survival genre conventions and attempts to create a fresh, captivating experience that feels new to fans of the genre. Your village is the center of the Trailblaze experience, however, you will quickly realize the world does not revolve around you and your plans. Set up guards and walls to protect working villagers. Fend off savage and unpredictable monsters to protect your people. Go on dangerous missions to obtain rare items and resources for your smiths. Don't just survive in this world--thrive in it. Make Trailblaze your own.

Built with Unity over the course of a month, it is waiting to be revived as soon as I figure out how to fund the development. :D


Build villages

As the chief of a village, it is your duty to command all villagers to do what they are supposed to do. Build new houses, raise walls to defend your territory. Manage resources, raise a group of soldiers to fight back.

Procedural Levels

One of the big setbacks was the approach of using procedural terrain. I went for the solution to generate meshdata at runtime, based on several noise filters to generate a heightmap. While it could generate an infinite terrain, it brought infinite new problems.
How to save infinite maps? Why doesn't it look as nice as those hand-built levels. And the biggest question of them all: "Is it really worth all the effort?". I did not answer those questions for myself properly, as I paused the project for a big commission(1.5yrs) soon after.

Screenshot 2592x1458 141201 14_07_17.jpg

Building blocks

Over the course of this prototype, I created a rudimentary building mode and menu, with simple placement of the building parts on the map. It was amazing to see that, with even a few simple meshes, you could create something that feels somewhat alive.
The building part was the most fun and I will definitely make more prototypes and hopefully games with a building mechanic.