How to use GSS 2D Isometric Tiles with TILED


In this tutorial we will run you through the process of using our Sprites with Tiled v0.14.2
We will explain how to make a spritesheet from our tiles and how to setup a new Tiled Project to work with them.

Step1 - Create Spritesheet with Shoebox, no alpha Crop.
Step2 - Create new Tiled Project with TileSize of: 128px x 64px
Step3 - Create new Tileset within Tiled with your SourceSpritesheet. 
Step4 - and set Tile width to 148px x 164px
(optional)Step5 - When creating an additional layer for walls, set vertical offset to -30,00

Step 1 - Create a Spritesheet. 
For this you can use Shoebox: http://renderhjs.net/shoebox/

The following settings are important: set "Tex Crop Alpha" to false to make sure the tiles follow the correct grid spacing.
For this step it is very important to make sure your source files all have the same resolution and alignment.
In our packages, they usually are centered and setup in that way, so you can use them out of the box.
All of the Isometric Starter Pack Tiles have the same dimensions: 148px x164px

Step 2: Create new Tiled Project

Get Tiled here: http://www.mapeditor.org/download.html

Open it up and make a new Map.


These are the settings I use for the initial setup.
Even though the tiles in the spritesheet have a resolution of 148px x164px, the actual iso grid is 128px x 64px.

Step3 - Creatung the Tileset

Click on the Tileset Tab and the "New Tileset" Icon. This should be your initial view.
Load the source image you just created.

Step4 - Fixing the Tileset
And a very important Step: change the width to 148 px and the height to 164 px to match our spritesheet tiles.

That's it, you are good to go. That is all you need to use our Tileset to paint maps in Tiled.

(optional) Step 5 - New Layer

If you want to draw on another layer, you will notice a slight offset of the tiles.
For example for a wall layer, you need to adjust the "Vertical Offset" in the Layer Properties to -30,00.

That's it, we hope this may be of help to you and hope you'll have lots of fun with it!