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  • C# Programmer for Tilebased World-Building Editor Extension

C# Programmer for Tilebased World-Building Editor Extension


About us
We are publishing game art assets since 2015. We have been part of a variety of sales and have accumulated almost 1k followers on various social medias and are still among the top 10 of popular assets in our category. We are currently planning to expand our portfolio of products on the asset store and will release a new art package soon with more art packs in planning. 

About the project

We have planned to work on a World Builder Editor Extensions since 2 years.
While we have made some progress, there have been ups and downs with it. Mostly due to the lack of time. A few attempts to bring a developers to the project did not work out but we are willing to give it another try, because we strongly believe in the success this project will have. We have analyzed the market and have ongoing requests for our solution from our community.
We wish to build long-term collaborative partnerships and build a solid work relationship to work together on future projects(also games) aswell.


Project Details

We wish to create a tilebased worldbuilder with which users can easily start building their worlds without any prior knowledge. The tool should be intuitive to use and complex enough to allow for beginners and advanced users to build the worlds their dreamgame needs. Features like Tileset management, world loading and saving and at a later point procedural generation of levels will offer a great variety of tools for the user to focus on the creativity and not worry about the technicalities.


Screenshot of current worldbuilder iteration:

We plan to release the product as an early access version with the core world editing features within several weeks and will update and expand the set of features based on user feedback and the product backlog.

The list of future features is long and exciting and we are convinced that this tool will be a great add-on to the asset store. There are similar extensions like this already, but we plan to take a slightly different approach and put a different focus.


What are we looking for?

C# Programmer for Tilebased World-Building Editor Extension

It would be great if you have previous experiences in the following fields *

  • C#
  • good knowledge of the Unity Engine
  • SceneView Editing (Buttons, User Input, Camera Controls)
  • Custom Editor Window
  • Custom Inspector
  • Autotile Systems (placement of tiles based on neighbors)
  • Saving and Loading Level Data
  • Editor and Runtime differentiation
  • World Data Management (Tiles, Chunks)
  • Undo System

If you have experience in the following fields would be a bonus but not required *

  • World Data from Image Input (Heightmap, Splatmap)
  • Procedural World Generation
  • DLLs and Code Obfuscation
  • Texture Atlas Generation (optional)
  • Mesh Combining (optional)

*If you do not fulfill those criteria but have similar experience, are eager to gain experience in the mentioned fields and are available 20+ hours per week, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


You will be the main programmer to work on the worldbuilder while we focus on marketing and the creation of further art packages. Nonetheless, our main dev will help out in developing features aswell. You will receive the current WIP of the World-Builder to look into and build upon(or you can start from scratch).



If you have one, we would like to see your portfolio, ideally showing some of the things we would like to see.


Work Samples

Please do not share code samples. If you have work samples you wish to show, please share a video with us via youtube's private sharing or via screenshots+description.



We would like to work with someone who can commit to 20+ hours each week into the project.



We offer revshare compensation of 50% of net sales revenue. As we stated before, we are planning to release an early access version of the tool to generate revenue pre-release to help pay the expenses during the actual work of the tool.

The revshare agreement will be solidified with a contract with our collaborator.


Project Management

Remote work, coordinated through Discord or Slack with task planning in Trello and a GoogleDoc Backlog.



If you are interested in working together with us during the coming months for a defined revshare, please write a bit about yourself, your availability and expectations, as well as your portfolio or work samples via e-mail to to discuss further details.

Have a great day!