Announcement: Golden Skull Studios is closing and will continue under Max Heyder Art


I am a Freelance 2D and 3D Game Artist with 5+ years of experience.
I love to create Isometric, Hexagonal, Oblique Game Art Tilesets and Packages.

All Packages are available in my Store and the Unity Asset Store

There is also a discord server for support and chat.

Need concept art, unique tilesets or handpainted lowpoly meshes for your games?
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Game Art Packs


Community & Support

 Become part of the ever growing community of indie game developers using and supporting the packs. Join us:

Become part of the ever growing community of indie game developers using and supporting the packs.
Join us:

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In addition to that poll, you can get an overview about the production, vote on WIP-packages in progress and comment on anything really through this [Link]


I will give away one free package among all request-submitters whos requests found their way into a new release.
Submit requests in the discord server's #requests channel: [Link]


Q: Can I use your packages in commercial projects?
A: Yes, of course you can! After purchase you can use the graphics in all your projects royalty free. However, you are not allowed to redistribute them or modify and redistribute them in any way.


Q: Can I modify your Assets for my Project?
A: You can use the Assets in whichever way your Project needs them.


Q: Will I receive future updates?
A: Yes, once you bought one of the packages, you get all future updates of that package for free. All you need to do is to re-download the files.


Q: A package has not received an update for quite some time, WHERE IS MY UPDATE?
A: There is no guarantee for updates. I try my best to bring new content to each package, however those update depend on the available budget and my schedule. If you wish for a specific update, there is always the #request channel in the discord server.


Q: Can I use the Assets outside of Unity?
A: Yes, you can use the Assets in whichever way you need to for your Projects. Use them in the RPG Maker, in Construct, in TILED, Game Maker, Unity, UDK, HTML5 or else. Everything is fine if you own a license from the Unity Asset Store or from the Store.


Q: Can I redistribute modified or derived versions your Packages?
A: No, redistribution is not allowed in any form.


Q: I have purchased a version of your Package and realized I don't need it, can I refund it?
A: In this case, I need to check if you downloaded the package already. After downloading, you cannot get a refund. In case you haven't downloaded the package, I will issue a refund as soon as possible.


Q: Can I get a key for the Unity Asset Store if I have purchased your asset?
A: Nope. As sorry as I am to say that, but that would be a violation against the Terms of the Unity Asset Store. 


Q: Can I get a key for your store if I have purchased your asset in the Unity Asset Store?
A: Yes you can. Send me an e-mail with your order number and I will hook you up with a key for the itch store.


Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Yes, I do.
I am experienced in the following fields:

  • Concept Art for Characters, Props, Monsters and Environments.
  • 2D Game Art: Environments in topdown, sidescrolling, isometric, hexagonal and more.
  • 3D Game Art: Lowpoly environments, props, weapons and items with handpainted textures.

If you want to commission me, please send me a mail to discuss specifics.
Send as much information as you can, such as the scope of the commission, the assetlist, resolution requirements and so on. I will then prepare an estimate based on the information. If you work on a limited budget and already have a defined budget, it always helps to know.


More Questions? Please do not hesitate to join the discord server!

Or get in touch via E-mail to: